wholesale cooperation conditions
what you may ask from us:
⁃ order realization takes approx. 1 month
⁃ any size, color, material could be provided and chosen
⁃ all items presented in Instagram on our account or catalogue are offered to be ordered
⁃ 30 % discount for each item is offered
⁃ minimal order - 30 pcs (total), starting from 5 items per a model
⁃ 100 % prepayment before the dispatch
⁃ mentioning in our account that we are working with you

what we are asking from you:
- delivery costs are on your side
⁃ tag us or mention in the comments if you are using Exo Wear
⁃ using our images upon request
⁃ use the prices discussed in advance
- your prices could not be higher than ours
⁃ customers' complaints (if any occurs) are on your side but we strongly recommend to share the information about them with us
Our dream is to make our brand known all over the world. That is why we would be happy to collaborate with famous bloggers and dancers.
If you have more than 10 000 followers, we can make a discount or send you our dance wear for free (we'll discuss that individually). If you like our clothes, we would appreciate if you tag us in your stories or Instagram post.
Also we can perform shared giveaway.
We are interested in building an Exo Wear community with the best partners sharing ideas, gathering together and both excited about our collaboration and growth. Please stay connected with us ❤️